Appliance Repair - Samsung cannot fix ice maker

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BOUGHT IT AT BEST BUY -- GREAT PRICE! Bought it in AUGUST 2015. My son advised me to buy an LG.That is important to this rant! I'm 79 and do need advice from time to time.

Didn't take it because I liked the very similar Samsung model better. If my husband were alive, I would never have been able to buy an EXTENDED WARRANTY, but thank God I did. It wasn't cheap - its a 5 year warranty. I am on my third ice maker, plus a repair to the latest model ice maker Samsung changed to because of "PROBLEMS" with their ice makers.

Had service yesterday.BEST BUY'S SERVICE IS REALLY GOOD - BUT...they have to work with the parts Samsung sends to your home. Needless to say - NOW the ice maker is icing up. Yesterday's problem was that for a week, I could have opened a snow cone stand, as the only ice I could get was snow! Today's problem is that I get half ice cubes and some snow, ( understand this makes a wet mess on the fridge front and floor).after yesterday's repair and part replacement, the inside of the recently, but not yesterday, installed Samsung's new and better ice makers is iced up inside.

So now I have to wait a week for an appointment so they can get new parts to me. Shame on Best Buy for still carrying this beast of a fridge. Best Buy knows there is an ice maker problem with this brand - and I know this is now well documented all over the Internet, however greater shame to SAMSUNG, a company with a good reputation, for keeping this problem going.They can't solve this??? I can't get a new fridge under warranty because guess what?

ice makers aren't guaranteed in the warranty of fridges. If you are even thinking of buying a Samsung refrigerator - do your homework, and listen to your friends and family. I have other trouble free Samsung products, so I trusted the brand.

DON'T! DON'T buy their appliances!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2120.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Best buy has good service, Samsung is the problem.

I didn't like: Samsungs inability to redesign ice maker.

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Appliance Repair - Misdiagnosed the problem on my dishwasher and charged me for labor for trying to fix what was not broken


in my case they misdiagnosed the problem on my dishwasher, charged me $316 for labor for fixing something that wasn't broken (serviced the main board and drain service), then they told me they couldn't fix it because it needs a part (main control board), which was another $476, that's when I got suspicious and called another repairman for second opinion, this new guy fixed my dishwasher within 15 minutes, there was something stuck in the drain and the drain hose was broken and the machine was in constant drain mode to prevent flooding…much lower price to be paid, and dishwasher is in perfect working condition now. The previous guy (appliance repair guys) said he serviced the drain, but if he really did he would have found the problem, obviously he didn't know what he was doing instead he tried to scam me into buying a part that was not needed, when I contacted the company they said they will not refund any money for labor that he spent "fixing" what's not broken.

When you look at their website and Facebook page you will see all excellent reviews, that's because they promptly delete anything else people write. Look on Homestars for them, they have horrible rating, I made mistake not researching further before hiring them, so hopefully my mistake can help someone else.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Appliance Repair Guys - Concord Ont

Dundas, Ontario
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I called the appliance repair guys to come and fix my dishwasher. The technician was scheduled to come between 12-2 but he got a late start and could not come till between 3-5. The technicians name was Mathew, he pulled out my dishwasher and located the problem...had me sign a form and he proceeded to fixed "the pump".. Charged me 280.00 and in the process of putting my dishwasher back he put three gouges in my hardwood floor..I immediately called the customer service number and logged a complaint but I was told that I had to call back the next day between 8-5. I really did not feel comfortable paying so I didn't. The next day I Called customer service( and I use that term lightly) and was told that Mathew noted that the gouges were there previous to him starting. I was outraged and asked to speak to the owner ,Dan Vidoser, and was told he does not take these type of calls.

i was also told that if I didn't pay my bill i would be sent to collections.....Mathew, the technician, gouged the hardwood floor when he put the dishwasher back and did not have the decency to take responsibility for his actions.

I am astonished as to how they handled my complaint....they could care less. I would NEVER RECOMMEND the appliance repair guys to anyone!!

I did a little more research on this company and found out that the BBB will not accredit them as they have too many complaints.. I should have done my research before I called the appliance repair guys.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They are HORRIBLE! Just thinking about the way they ripped my mom off and STILL have the nerve to send her to collections is making me very angry. Lesson learned...DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Appliance Repair - George Healy of Yarmouth Maine stole approximately $500 from me


George Healy who I discovered after being ripped off has advertised under the names Appliance Repair, A Teck Appliance, D&G Appliance and George Healy Plumber, in the Portland and surrounding areas. Several months ago he billed me approximately $500 for a service call and parts for two of my kitchen appliances.

He said it would take approximately 10 days to order the parts but never returned to fix them. I made multiple attempts to reach him by phone but always received his answering machine. Finally when I left a message that I was planning to take legal action if he did not fix the appliance or refund my money he returned my call. He stated he would give me a refund and then I never heard from him again.

Apparently he has done this to many people in the Portland and surrounding areas and has been able to avoid being served a court letter for small claims court. Mr. Healy is a member of the ballroom dance community and has danced at Maplewood and other well known establishments.

If you know him please notify the police of his whereabouts. Thank you!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Appliance Repair - Jerked Around


Called these clowns repeatedly and was told they were "busy" but would call back. To date NO RESPONSE.

I now call every day and get the same"too busy, will call back".It would seem as if they are not interested in doing business with their customers --why not just say that instead of the "too busy, will call back"routine?

This is frustrating to say the least-I wonder with this kind of treatment what their product is really like ; maybe it's a scam to obtain phone numbers or other customer data. I believe it's worth a notice to the Maryland Attorney General's office!

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Appliance Repair - Washer&dryer repair in Temecula CA

Not resolved

Professional Appliance Repair Service is available 6 days a week to assist you with all ofyour appliance repair needs in Temecula California!We are specializing in dryer repair, washing machine repair, refrigerator repair,stove repair, oven repair, microwave repair, dishwasher repair, freezer repair, ice maker repair, garbage disposal repair, fridge repair and washer repair.

Nice house Calls Appliance Repair service Temecula, House Calls Appliance Repair appliances household & repair, appliances major retail.Appliance Repair Service, Appliance Parts Supplier, Refrigerator Repair Service, Washer and Dryer Repair Service, Microwave Oven Repair Service.

This company provided great, courteous and fast service. Will recommend if any of my friends need any repairs. Thank you.

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Do not use Appliance Repair Atlanta-incompetent!


Absolutely the worst, unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. Technicians are incompetent and we had to call 3 times to have the problem addressed that should have been correctly addressed in the first place.

The third time we called, for the same problem, we got the runaround. You do not get return calls unless they are taking your payment AND you are treated like a bother. I was promised that my problem would be addressed immediately and instead, I had to call and track down the owner after being told I was a bother by the people who answered the main number.


Monetary Loss: $700.

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Appliance Repair - Installed broken A/C unit

Not resolved

Bought a new home in Houston in the summer of 2008. We asked the previous owners to provide home warranty. They obliged and purchased Allied Home Warranty for my home. In April of the following year we had an AC go out. We called Allied and they put us in contact with their A/C repair company; Lone Star A/C & Appliance Repair, LLC. From the beginning this was a terrible experience. The "salesman", I mean repair guy, tried his hardest to sell me a more expensive A/C unit. I asked him about a discount because I'm with Allied and they didn't provide one. We went back and forth about upgrading and he got quite angry when I told him that I wanted to go with the 13 seer A/C that was covered under warranty. I'm assuming they use the cheapest A/C on the market and virtually make nothing on the deal, b/c it cost me about $1800. He wanted to sell me an A/C for almost 4 times that ammount.

I contacted this company in early April b/c my A/C wasn't working. They told me I'd have to pay a service charge. I couldn't believe it. I've had the A/C for less than a year and they wouldn't service it for free. I told them I didn't want to work with them b/c I don't trust them and I went with a different company. The other company told me that it appears that the A/C unit was dropped, either at the factory or by the disgruntled "salesman" I dealt with, b/c all the freon leaked out. The coils were busted. He further told me that this was one of the worst A/C units out there and that I should request they completely replace it, b/c putting a bandaid on it won't fix the problem over the long haul. I then contacted the manufacturer; Airwell-Fedders. Their A/C's are so terrible that they won't let you speak to anybody, no receptionist, no call center, nothing. They prompt you to enter what type of A/C unit; Window or Central. Then they ask for zip code. They then refer to call another company for service. I called them and they said bring in your A/C and we'll look at it. They don't even service central A/C units. They gave me the number to a company they thought might look have the contract soon. I called this company and they told me no, but gave me the number to get in touch to real life people at Fedders. So I tried many times and got a quite rude person. The first thing the person asked was why did I call them I should have called the people who installed the A/C. I told them I called them b/c they built the thing. She said for me to contact the installers, which is what I didn't want to do. I filed a BBB and they can't do anything about it, b/c the company policy says that service is only warrantied for 30 days. So instead of getting more of the run around I called a technician to install a "real" A/C. I may be paying on it for a few years, but it beats fixing it everytime it gets hot in Houston.

I would never recommend any of these companies, not Allied Home Warranty, not Airwell-Feders, and definitely not Lone Star A/C & Appliance Repair, LLC.

FYI: The primary company I spoke with told me that they couldn't wait to be rid of the contract. The second company told me they were terrible. The company that fixed my A/C told me they were terrible. STAY AWAY FROM THESE COMPANIES and get a real A/C like Trane or Carrier.

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Appliance Repair - Norman stole money from me for serv. never done

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Norman O'Donnell Appliance Repair Man, 52 Sawyer Street Nashua, N.H.03060 tele.#603-864-9623 A & Master of trades, told me that he "had a friend" that could get me a used refrigerator, if I gave him money to hold it for me, $100.00", So I did, that was back in late June. I called him repeatedly, many voice mails and when I did reach him he stated that check went to wrong address, his wife didn't send the ck yet, that he was away on vacation at Six Flags, and I love you.

I am pursueing other avenues to recoop my moneys w/him and Will contact Service Magic for his fraud and taking advantage of an individual that uses a wheelchair /me. This "Gentleman" shouldn't be coming into any one's home, he intimidated me as well and shouldn't ever get any "referred" business again, especially from Service Magic, the only magic I saw was $100.00 dollar disappear after Norman fixed an over priced repair to my current refrigerator, pissed in Loudon, N.H.

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Did you give him cash or check. Never give people cash; It's as good as gone.

If you gave him a check then that's proof of legal consideration. You should also send him an email because that's physical documentation that you tried to mitigate the situation.

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